Voice Work

Speaking of Yoga

As Yoga teachers, we spend much of our time focused on the strength and dexterity of the physical form. We refine the postures, and the movement so we can demonstrate, or model, fluidity and stability most effectively.

Instructing an asana room full of students requires that we communicate on more than just a physical level. With an awareness of the obstacles along the path of clear communication, we can enhance our abilities to encourage and instruct others.

Concepts such as these will be applied to the speaking voice:

  • Ahimsa
  • Awareness
  • Dexterity
  • Flexibility
  • Stretch
  • Support
  • Attention
  • Intention

Programs offered:

Workshop Setting:
A two hour workshop to enlighten participants to vocal concerns common to teachers, to awaken them to the potential of their own voice, and to introduce helpful techniques to care for the voice.

Weekend Workshop:
A six hour course divided over two sessions which allows the participants the opportunity to more fully apply the lessons learned: projection of the voice without strain, skillful control of the breath, wise use of silence, and more.

One-on-One work:
A class you teach will be reviewed, with particular attention paid to your voice in its ability to communicate to the room of students. Later, in a private session, you will learn techniques to help minimize the obstacles and maximize your authentic voice. The work can be inspiring in one session, and refined in a series of three sessions, or designed to fit your schedule in a way best suited to you.

Here are some testimonials from recent workshop participants:

“Thank you so much for your time, expertise and for bringing a new level of teacher training that has, I believe, been sorely missing…Specifically I was most inspired by incorporating chanting with each chakra, and moving through the body on pitch. A hugely important fusion of voice work and the familiar energy centers for yoga practitioners.”
Katherine L.

“Thank you Sarah,
I taught on Saturday morning and actually noticed a change in the way I spoke! :-)” 
Sam W.

“I took a few pauses to find the right word to finish the sentence with the best impact.
I took my time to speak instead of rushing.
And I let the student experience yoga in silence at times. She loved it.” 
Marta S.

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful workshop. It has helped so much!”  Slavica M.

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